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    Got my iMac might switch it for MBP.
    Ok..I love this machine, I have had a great time all day just getting everything set up exactly how I want. The problem now is that my gf decided to get her own apt for school next Fall. I know I will be spending a lot of my time there, if I am not at work or in class I will most likely be over there. I am not going to live there, but I guess I will be there at least 3 nights a week. Now I am thinking a notebook will be more practical for me, I like having my computer to use each night, I don't want to do my stuff on her windoze machine.

    What is the restocking fee and how long do I have?

    My choices are to either return my brand new iMac that I love and pay a restocking fee and get a MBP. Or I could wait until the end of the summer and get a refurb 12" or 15" g4 pb. Played with a 12" in the store and it seems a bit small, but for just checking mail and doing small simple tasks it should be fine.

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    Solution: Give the iMac to me! Pleeeeaaaase!

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    If I remember correctly the restocking fee is 10% of what you payed. Go to the Apple store and look up their return policy.

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    yup the fee is 10% so depends on how badly you want to change it for a MBP

    Apple, think different

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    If it were me and I had the money then I would get a refurb MBP at the end of the summer and keep the iMac. That way you have the best of both worlds.

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    I'd keep it and wait til you can afford the MBP. Or, maybe another consideration would be the new MacBook's (13.3").

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