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    Hello everyone,

    This question was posted on my corporate PC message board. She has received no responses, so I thought I would put it to the experts. Any idea on what is going on here? Thanks - Jeremy

    *** The folks have a new Nikon and tried installing the picture program disk on their eMac and received the following errors:

    The application PictureProject has unexpectedly quit.
    The system and other applications have not been affected.

    Application Launch Failure.
    The application 'PictureProject' could not be launched because of a shared library error.

    ",<PictureProject><PictureProject><Zelkova3><> "

    Every time you try to load it .. won't let you get past the 'application' errors. According to the camera requirements, their OS version is fine (OS X 10.1.5). We're wondering if the Canon program that's already on there is causing the problem. And .. we're wondering how does one 'uninstall' a program.
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    There is actually a pretty big difference between pre and post 10.2 releases of OSX. Most programs designed for pre-10.2 will not run on anything past 10.2.

    I would imagine that this is your problem. As for "uninstalling", simply drag the program to the trash and empty it.
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