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    Language problem
    Hello guys. I have been quite for a while enjoying my ibook tons. But i have a small problem. When im typing in another language and i dont have the stickers for the keys on my laptop is there a way to put the keynord of that language on the screen?that i can type using the mouse touching the onscreen buttons? I know that in windows this is possible. Thank you in advance for your response.

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    In your System Preferences, International, go to the Input Menu tab.
    Here you can select which keyboard language you want to use, and turn on the Keyboard Viewer.
    Now check the "Show input menu in menu bar" and you can turn the keyboard viewer on and off by clicking on the flag in your menu bar and then clicking on "Show Keyboard Viewer"

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    Ibook G4 12in 1gig RAM + 24in Imac 2.16 2.5 gig RAM Leopard
    sorry for the late reply thanks so much you really helped

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