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Thread: I switched!Also have a question

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    I switched!Also have a question
    I recently got my MacBook Pro...during my March break a while back anyways I have a question but I did not know where to ask it so here is as good as any I guess. Basically I am going to Finland for a year and I am wondering if it would be worth while to invest in a .mac account to host all my pictures and stuff so my family can see them or if there is another alternative that is free. Also everyone in my family uses a pc so I was also wondering if I used photocast in Iphoto if I can send pictures to their pc's and if so do they need to dl any certain programs ect...

    BTW: I am loving my MacBook, I have not ha one problem with it yet which I am extremely thankful for


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    .Mac id pretty good for Pictures, and when u update with iWeb, you can send an E-Mail to People saying that u uploaded them. and much more. its your choice so........

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    you can check out places like and
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    i dont remember

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    i would agree on the iweb. or the photobucket. but it may be easier on the iweb.
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