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    iDisk on Windows, can't get it to work
    Not sure where this belongs, so I'll try this forum. Please move as needed.

    I am hoping to use a .Mac account for all my internet needs. So I am in the trial period now testing it out. I really need Windows access to my iDisk, that's a crucial factor here.

    So I download and install the Windows iDisk utility (downloaded it yesterday, I see no version info for this thing) on my work machine and my girlfriend's machine. In both cases I can browes and look through my iDisk all I want, but as soon as I try to read, delete or write a file, it freezes up and then eventually kills off explorer. Explorer doesn't even relaunch itself, I have to relaunch it manually in the task manager (something an everyday user would have no clue how to do).

    Does this thing work for anyone? Am I doing something wrong? Are there other WebDav clients I can use to access my iDisk from Windows?

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    You should just be able to access it through Network Neighbourhood/My Network Places—you can add shared folders somehow.

    I know XP does support WebDAV, I just do not have a Windows PC at home for me to know the exact steps.


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    Hey cool. Pretty much the same thing, except now it works at expected speeds. Thanks.

    Odd that it didn't ask for my password, is it cached somehow from the utility? Or can I access anyone's idisk?

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