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    Im sort of a switcher as of yesterday.
    Since there is no "First Post" forum, and since im new to the Apple world, I thought I would post here. Last year, around September, I got an amazing deal. I got a 14 inch 933MHZ, 512MB, Radeon 9200 iBook for FREE. The only thing was the HD was bad, but I had an HP laptop that went bad, so I took the 40 giger out, slapped it into the iBook, and it worked. Next thing... OS. Ive been trying different versions of Linux, and last night, got Fedora 5 to work, the only one that has worked. So, basically, im new to the Apple world, with an iBook with Linux on it. Now that I have this, I don't think I have a need for my PC, so a friend is buying it, and it should give me just enough money to buy a copy of Mac OSX.

    So here I am, apparently since there is no Linux forum, one of the few Linux Mac owners here. Im 15, and basically, computers are my fix. Ever since ive gotten into them, I have wanted a Mac, and I got one for nothing, just a little time and skill. I like cars alot, like music alot, and I know Music + Macs = teh buttsechs. lol anyway, here you go, my first post.

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    i dont have no mac's

    there are a few others around here that use linux but not a whole lot.....sell your pc for enough money to get osx and another 512 of ram and you should be in apple heaven....i guess
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    i dont remember

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    dude, thats an insane score for the ibook..grab OSX as soon as you can it rules!

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    Free (and I mean free as in speech AND as in beer) is great!

    I've never installed a distro on my Mac, as OS X is unix based and I can use the term etc, but I've been tempted to play around and see what using Linux is like on my iMac, probably try a live disc soon.

    I have used Linux on a few PCs and have a PC now that runs as a desktop for the family.
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    Welcome to the club.

    As for linux I have no idea how well the apps will be supported in future due to the intel switch but I assume there are many years left in it yet.

    And claudius, you can try Ubuntu ( as they have a mac live disc and is fairly easy to setup. I had it on my PC for about 3 months, I tried to love it (incredibly efficient) but the hassle of installing uninstalling apps just became to much, I've become weak since I've been using mac's.
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    doesnt fedora 5 looks AMAZING?

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