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    macs and windows
    Hi guys, interested in buying a mac..usual story etc etc

    anyways, ive heard of boot camp, which means u can run both operating systems, which is a massive bonus...i also heard that u can install xp on the mac if u want, without having the mac os

    however, just wondered if Windows XP performed up to the standard of a desktop pc with the same specs?

    Iwont have to be using windows xp at half the speed or anythign right?

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    Hi. Nice that you are interested in a mac.

    First of all: No, XP won't lag. Which means it will run at superb speed, according to all reports. There's no emulation involved, only a little tweaking on Bios/EFI level.

    But you can go for your mac without doubts. I don't know if it's possible to banish OSX from you system (using boot camp).
    But you should use OSX for a while. It's an AMAZING OS. Really. And I NEVER needed XP again. For anything. There might just be a few apps you'll need to run with XP, but for most things there's a good or better alternative.

    Also be warned: The IR sensor on the mac and isight don't work under XP.

    You shouldn't plan to buy a mac if you're going to use only windows. Mac Hardware still is made to work with mac software, and while windows will run, you might run into a few minor issues (but that's normal on any PC).

    Boot camp really is meant to be a solution for people who HAVE to use XP once in while, not always. Macs are Mac OS. They'll stay Mac OS. They just happen to do windows, too.
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    ah thanks for the've been of great help!

    the 20" imac is what im going for..will that handle most video editing applications well?

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    Great news that you are looking to buy a mac, I have got xp running on my base soec macbook pro and itr runs really well and seems to be able to cope with the day to day tasks I throw at it.

    Let us know how you get on
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    Quote Originally Posted by nickpan

    the 20" imac is what im going for..will that handle most video editing applications well?

    awww shucks this just isnt cricket people being richer than me and getting one before me :p

    buy me one

    but good luck, leave os x on there, its nicer than a pint of ice cold beer on a hot sunny day.

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