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    Apple Store - Genius Bar?

    I'm 100 miles away from the closest Apple Store, so I don't get there very much.

    I did happen to be there over the weekend and enjoyed my time there, as it was my first visit to one since owning a Mac!

    Can someone please explain the "genius bar" and how it works? Is this simply where you take a sick Mac to be fixed, or can I simply saddle up to this "bar" for some friendly Mac chat?
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    The Genus Bar is where you bring you "sick" mac to be fixed, but if you go when there aren't a lot of people in the store (weekdays at lunch time) you will most likely be able to sit down and have a chat with a "Genus"


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    I have only had good experiences at Apple's stores.

    When I brought my 1.33ghz Powerbook G4 in with a broken key they fixed it for free. It was as good as new and I was very happy. I still can't forgive myself for selling it for a dell which was then previously sold so I could get this imac I'm using now >.< ... The imac has been great though. No plans to sell this computer for awhile ^.^.... But yea, the genious bar is an excellent idea and I've been to two of them in different stores and both provided great service.

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    At an Apple Store, the 'Geniuses' are sort of like 'doctors' for your 'sick Mac'. They're free of charge, but you'll probably have to make a reservation (there are usually only 2 guys at the Genius Bar itself, and while a clerk may be able to answer your simple questions, the Geniuses are best suited for complex issues). They can help you figure out issues.

    If you pay $99, you can get an Apple ProCare card, which allows you to reserve time with a Genius up to a week in advance, and will allow you to also have them teach you how to work with software you may be unfamiliar with but would like to learn (for instance, I did this with GarageBand and learned a lot from the experience).
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    Three words: Genius Bar OWNZ!

    They're really helpful and more or less solve anything you've got wrong... that is, if you ever have a problem. I've been running smooth on my iMac for two months, I'm not sure I'll ever need the protection plan I bought...
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