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    Am I better off taking the battery out when running on main?
    Hi guys,

    I have oredered myself a new iBook. My first mac ever, hurray!!! :cool:

    Now, know from other laptops that there is a ceratin amount of charging cycles a battery can handle...

    Is it therefore wise to take the battery out as I will be running the laptop mostly on the mains?


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    It is not going to make any great difference if you take the battery out or not.
    I would just say to leave it in.
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    Sorry, I am new to this forum (added to favorite already+Mac on it's way in the post) and want to inrtoduce myself.

    Been using Windows for 15+ years (working as an IT professional) but I need a new challenge as I know windows inside out. Had a dabble in linux befor ebut not to any profescional standard.

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    The number of cycles isn't going to vary when the battery is in and the laptop is plugged into the wall. At that point, the battery shouldn't be charging anymore. Assuming that the device is designed this way (I can't see ANY reason why it wouldn't be...), it's not going to affect the number of cycles.

    Read all about Li-Ion batteries here:


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