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    Switching soon
    I think I'm finally just tired of all the viruses/spyware going around Windows side of the world. Although I've always had a *nix based desktop to work on my laptops have always been Windows based. I've been doing a bit of reading about the new intel based Macs and although they appear to be great products there are still a few kinks for Apple to work out. I've decided to go with the 12" ibook G4 for the time being while Apple works out the bugs. I'm mainly going to be using it for software development/productivity work no gaming or encoding so the speed of the cpu doesn't matter too much to me. Hopefully this will be a good transition.

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    If you are using it mainly for software development, ibook G4 might do the job. The new intel based iMacs are impressive but as you said, it is better to wait till they polish up the glitches.

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    Well, I would sugest that if yo are going to be waiting for Intel Macs to be fized of the quirks, you might as well just wait for the Intel iBook. They would be little screamers!
    Plus you would be getting Front Row and an iSight. So, I would wait for at least till the Intel iBooks come out.

    You won't regret it!!

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    My current plans are actually just to use the ibook to work my way around and get the feel of OSX. The next step I'm planning to take if all goes well is to get a MBP (which will replace all my systems since I will be on th road more) when they work out the problems.

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