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Thread: New User: Imac 20" Intel

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    Apr 07, 2006
    New User: Imac 20" Intel
    Hello All,

    just bought my imac today. still in the box. iam currently at work and can't wait to get home to boot up. Of course i will probably stay i all night as i get things set. As a Windows user i decided to make the switch. I can't say its my first mac. I had an ibook g4 800Mhz for a short time approx 1 month before i switched companies and had to give it back.

    Just wanted to introduce myself. i am sure i will have some questions in future and hope to contribute some as well



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    Welcome to Mac-Forums and to the world of the Mac and OSX. I am sure you will enjoy your new iMac.

    If you have any questions, please ask away. I am sure someone here will be able to help you.


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    welcome...we're glad to help you.

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    Welcome to the Forums and the Mac Community in general

    Hope you enjoy your new iMac and the power of OS X.

    If you have any questions or help, please don't hesitate to ask :]

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    okay just an update. This imac is amazing. The screen is awsome, the operating system is to dye for. and all the eye candy..

    All of you who are thinking about getting a mac ... just do it. you will not regret it!!

    I do have one question however.. is there a way to program the mouse to do a page forward or backward in safari? Should i upgrade the mouse to a microsoft or logitech? if so what do you guys recommend?

    thanks all..


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