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dustonio 04-04-2006 02:55 AM

Need help with List-View in Finder
When I go to List-View in Finder, I would like to first see the list of Folders at the top, then the rest of the files underneath it. That is, the Folders would be sorted alphabetically, and then after that, all the remaining files would be sorted alphabetically.

Is there a way to do this so that it is similar to Windows Explorer's view?

I tried sorting by File Type, but that only puts the Folders at the top, and all the files underneath it are not in alphabetical order.

Going2fast 04-04-2006 03:03 AM

Only thing i can think of to do that is to change how you view the folder. I.e Grid view
Like a small icon above the folders and what have you. Sorry i can not explain well as im new myself to MAC's. I hope a more able person will help

xstep 04-04-2006 03:11 AM

As far as I know there is no way to do that in OS X. I like that feature of Windows too.

A trick is to click on the Kind column and the folders will be together but in the middle.

The MacOSXHints tip has a questionable solution for the advanced user;

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