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    A window is directly across from the front of my iMac. I get really bad glare on the white sides, top, and bottum of the mac. I dont really get glare on the screen itself but if theres a page with a black background you can tell. Its really quite annoying. Ive tried closing my shutters but not only is the room dark and gloomy, the outline of light around the shutters is still reflected on the white of the iMac. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    position your imac opposite from where it is, so it's facing the other way.
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    Well theres only one internet connection in the room which makes it hard to move it, plus the desk its on is extremely heavy.

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    Hmm...maybe buying some new shutters or curtains? Thats really all I can think of. I have a window directly behind me and I dont really get glare at all. I'm guessing its probably the shutters.

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    I have a window with just blinds to the right of me, i get no glare. I can angle the binds so they direct the light away.
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    Well, There's a few ways around it.
    1) You could buy some good shades, or make some out of black fabric or something
    2) If you know what you're doing, you can re-route the internet connection with some ethernet cable if it's just coming out of the wall. But if it's what I think it is, and just a jack in a wall, buy some longer cable.
    3) Get a router, wired or wireless.

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