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    Dissapointed with iphoto.
    Hi everyone, I switched to a mac about a month ago. However, there is one thing that keeps getting on my nerves and that is whenever I need to open a file in photoshop or upload one to the web I have a **** of a time sifting through the iphoto folders in search of the picture... It's not like windows where each folder has a name like... "senior year 2006 or Christmas 2005" which makes finding the file your looking for much much easier.

    Anyone notice this?


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    agreed, i always have iphoto open when i have a photo edit program open so i can figure out exactly when the picture was taken. wasn't to keen on how iphoto has the photos stored but i've just gotten used to it. it would be nice if you could search through the albums.

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    Use iPhoto instead of searching through the folders directly. The folder structure is not conducive of searching.

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    After losing my iPhoto data base once, I now keep two copies of my pictures, iPhoto and a raw copy off the cameras HDD. They are stored in different places on different drives to minimize the risk of losing anything. This has the added benefit of not having to use iPhotos DB with other Apps.

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    iPhoto has the option to set an external photo editor, so all you have to do is select that option and it will open the photo in Photoshop. Also use drag and drop, it will work with almost any application.
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    I have a similar topic here:, if you guys can help.

    Arichards I dont mean to take away from your thread...this is just for anyone who cares to look when they finish reading yours.

    as far as iPhoto though, I rarely use it. Maybe im not fully understanding the usage behind it besides storing and organizing photos.

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    iPhoto actually has a unique way of storing the images. The only reason a PC has thoughs folder names is because the user names thoughs folders. iPhoto stores you pictures by year, month, and day.


    so I actually find it more organized.

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    To be honest, though I've used iPhoto a few times now, I'm not certain that what I'm about to say is true, but it seems that:

    If you create folders (that seem to be like playlists in iTunes), the photo image is either copied there, or linked there. If that's true (and again, it might not be), I'd prefer the file be moved there.

    And, again I may be missing something, but it seems there's no way to re-size in iPhoto, which is something I do very frequently. So, I find myself doing a number of extra steps before I import to iPhoto.

    But, having said that, though 3 months into my life as a Mac user, I may be continuing to hold on to Windows methodology. Over time, I may see this differently.


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    I think I understand what you are saying "Folders" inside iPhoto are not folders on the OS. They are a way of conveniently grouping photos inside of the iPhoto Application. As far as iPhoto is concerned there is a single copy of the photo on the file system.

    As far as editing of photos... I think iPhoto leaves a lot to be desired. It is great for storage and light manipulation but is not exactly full featured. I think of iPhoto more as a photo album than a photo editing suite. I make do my manipulations to photos outside of iPhoto then put them back in. You could also set the default editor to an external app, everyone has their own preferred way of doing things I guess.

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    I agree with you, the only time I really care to use the folders that iPhoto puts my pictures in after uploading is when I want to upload pictures online somewhere, or want to use one of the picture of my display pic, instead of having to drag the picture out on to the desktop and then select the pictures from my desktop. I have gotten used to it though.

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