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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, enjoy that MacBook.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IronMac
    We do what we can. Did that link I posted help any with the WMV? I know VLC isn't native yet but does it run under Rosetta?

    As suggested by the link you posted, I downloaded WMP9 which they said should work ok with Rosetta and it did (quality is not the best but it works).

    I didn't download the experimental VLC for Intel because I'm not that experienced with my mac yet. I'm still too much of a coward and want to stick to the tried and true :dummy:

    I'm sure the intel/universal VLC and Flip4Mac will be out soon. I don't mind waiting... I'm having too much fun with my first mac anyway

    Thanks again!

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    Thanks for the warm welcome guys! Im pretty insightful about computers..well PC's at least but im learning a TON about OSX in a little time ill be a pro :-p

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    You know you will love every minute of this switch. Everyday I'm on the mac it gets harder and harder to go back to my Pc even though it is many times more powerful. The OS and the interface makes mac a dream machine, plus it's whisper quite to.

    Enjoy your new machine, I'm sure you will.
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