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    Buying a Refurb mac - Advice please!

    i recently got an iMac G5 (iSight Edition) and im looking in to a second mac. So im going to get a refurb desktop, and when an intel iBook is launched ill get one of those as well. Basically im torn between two options for the desktop! Should i get a 350 Mhz iMac G3 or a 350 Mhz Powermac G3? The powermac comes with OS 9 and the iMac comes with Panther. I don't want to install tiger on either as it takes up way to much space and might run very slow. The question i have is are they going to be dog slow using panther? im only using it for listening to music and surfin the web. My imac will be my main Comp but the refurb can just store music on the network i have. Here are the specs:

    iMac G3 @ 350 Mhz
    256 Mb RAM
    10 Gig Hard drive
    Slot Loading CD Drive.

    Bondi - 99 inc Delivery

    Powermac G3 @ 350 Mhz
    128 MB Ram
    6 Gig Hard drive
    CD Drive.

    Blue and White, 80 inc Delivery.

    Spec wise the iMac looks better, but the powermac is more upgradable. On the other hand the powermac will need a display and obviously need the parts to upgrade it. Do you think the iMac will be ok running panther and light tasks?



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    As long as you have a monitor for the B&W I would for sure say go with it. You can easily upgrade it. You need more RAM though on either machine for Panther to run smooth. 512 megs for the B&W is easy to find and install.

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    I am writing a book right this moment on a buyer's guide to Macs (along with a second book for once you have made the 'switch').

    I only wish it was out in good time for you.

    The Blue & White G3 will definitely be the better route for you.


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    i would see if you can maye fid a 450 b&w, a few bucks more but i think well worth the price.....unless you plan on upgrading processors etc.etc.etc.
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    Id get a refurb mac from or

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