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farmcock 03-30-2006 12:01 PM

Airport Express Question...
I bought new iMac 20" Intel in January. I set up the computer as soon as i brought it home in about 5 minutes time and was amazed at just that. Anyway, during setup I chose "default" as my network because I did not have internet at the time - I just got it. As it turns out, someone in my apartment bldg must have a wireless router, because I was on the internet right off the bat. Now, I must admit, I called and cancelled my Internet order (I'm still dealing with my conscience) .

My question - I plugged in my airport express and hooked my powered speakers to it. I got through the setup and it found "default" as my network. iTunes even shows me the choice of 'Computer' or 'Living Room' as my speaker output location. The speakers work fine connected to the computer but i experience "drop-out" when using wirelessly. I've called Applecare twice and both times i think i got a rookie. COULD THE SOUND DROP OUT BE RELATED TO THE "DEFAULT" NETWORK SIGNAL - maybe I'm right on the edge of it's range - I'm just trying to guess of a reason 'cause the speakers are fine.

Jammers 03-30-2006 12:13 PM

I think that this may be a software issue. Update Airport card software and Airport Express software from the Apple Support site.

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