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    Angry Total entourage mess - HELP !! At my wits' end

    Have been using Entourage very happily for almost a year - no probs...

    Then, tried to sync my address book with a Pocket PC mobile phone.

    Seemed to be going OK, until it all hung...

    End result - no addresses on phone but every address in Entourage Address Book messed up - extra named added etc...

    Trying to think of a fix, I used Entourage's Export function to export my emails, hoping to then totally restore Entourage from my back-up disk, so that the addresses would be back to normal but I would be able to re-import the emails, so as not to lose the last week's worth since back-up...

    All went well until I realised that I had not been quite clever enough and I was actually exporting EVERYTHING from Entourage, including all the messed-up Addresses...

    Worse still, I have tried to Import the Exported files but, although Entourage is quite happy to import the files it created, it doesn't put the emails back where they came from (all folders still empty, including Inbox) nor the Addresses, it dumps then in two new folders, which are not readable, or openable...

    OK... Still have Office on Disk and original Export files, so I dump them on USB drive, then delete Entourage.

    Try to install entourage from Back-up... won't open. Says Entourage cannot access my data and that I need to rebuild my database. When I try to follow the OK button, it tells me that an unknown error occurred (-5000)...

    Have tried to install Entourage from Office 2004 disk... doesn't open

    Have tried to re-install, complete with all exported files from USB drive.... won't work

    I just dragged and dropped Entourage icon from Applications folder into Trash and emptied Trash...

    What have I also somehow deleted that I have not re-installed??

    Anyone a true Wizard and able to fix this for me??

    My limited Mac experience is now exhausted and, as a self-employed journo, I REALLY need my old emails, not to mention my contacts...

    At worst, I'll take a total loss on the emails, just to try and save the contacts, no matter how badly messed-up they were two days ago, when this started...

    HELP !! neye:
    Where's the right-click button?

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    How did you manage to install/uninstall Entourage without the rest of Office? Did you try uninstalling all of Office and reinstalling it? I have a feeling you might have touched something you weren't supposed to. Also, when you say you exported your data, you meant you did it to an Entourage archive, right? So long as you have your archive and your data was being interpreted ok by Entourage in the first place, a working Entourage should be able to access it.

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