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    *sigh* So my new MacBook Pro came...and its gone already.

    It suffered from the dreaded buzzing LCD panel. Apple decided to RMA it. Sadly, as a CTO machine, that means it'll probably be at least another week before the replacement arrives. Here's hoping they send out a trouble free revision this time around. *sigh*
    Eric "No Relation To Julia" Roberts

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    Don't let this setback get you down. I rarely hear of people experiencing problems with their Macs, and I think it's about as rare as Apple not fixing things right the first time.

    Anyhow, once you're up and running for good, prepare to enjoy computing like you never have before! I have plenty of time to waste on things like this forum because I'm never fooling around with anti-this-and-that software (virus, adware, spyware, etc.), or rebooting after a freezeup, or having my entire computer crash or freeze up when only one application craps out - you get the point! Welcome, and I hope your experience here and on your Mac is all it's hyped up to be!

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