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    The case of the missing thread and passwords
    Again, two questions in one here, it could almost become a signature for me!!
    The first is passwords for folders, is there anyway I can have certain folders only available if you type a password, maybe even unique to each folder that you can control. I've tried searching help, but obviously I haven't found much.

    Secondly, and this is bugging me. I found a thread here where people listed all the apps they had on their Macs. Some were pretty extensive and ranged across their Macs and Gbox. Well, via these names I spent my time surfing about and looking at all the things I could have, and it killed some time. But can I find that thread again? Not a bleeding chance, if anyone knows which I'm talking about a little link would be appreciated.
    cheers again for any help

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    This thread has a couple of links to threads discussing applications that can lock folders. I have no idea how well the applications work.

    You can use Disk Utility, in the Utilities folder, to create an encrypted disk image, which would contain your folders and documents.

    Open Disk Utility, then go to File in the menu bar. Choose New, the second item in the drop-down menu, and slide over to Blank Disk Image. By choosing Custom rather than the sizes offered, you can make it any size you wish that would be large enough to hold the contents now and in the future (or make a larger disk image later), then choose Encryption. Treat the disk image as an encrypted folder.

    Regarding lists of applications, using the term Gbox in the search function turned up only your post, above.

    (To use the search function, go to this site's main page with the list of forums; Search is above Last Post alas, there is no lone bugle player.)

    The first post in this thread was promising, but it goes to a dead link.

    Using the advanced search box, phrases such as list of my applications, application list and my applications turned up a zillion threads, so a term that would narrow the search is required. If you recall anyone's name who contributed to the thread in question, try the advanced search for the poster's name. Remove the check mark next to Exact name if you can't recall the precise spelling or whether it was capitalized.

    Google proved more promising. If you don't use its advanced-search page, include the quotes in this search to retain the exact phrases: "OS X" "list of applications"

    That turned up 24,300 pages.

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