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    Question charging battery
    I calibrated my battery when I first got my iBook.
    Ever since then, most times I tend to charge the battery while im using it .There is the occasional time where I do use it just on battery power alone.
    Should i be charging it like this all the time, no matter what percentage life it has, or should I remove the battery and use my ibook directly from a power source?

    Thanks in advance! :-)

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    once the battery is done charging the computer switches directly to the power source leaving your battery alone so to not overcharge it, so if you take the battery out once its done charging it wont affect your computer. i dont reccommend actually taking the battery out while just using the power source because if the plug comes out your whole computer is gone, but if the battery is on itll just switch to that. try to drain or calibrate your battery every month or so to keep it in healthy shape.

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