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Thread: Mac for fun and/or job

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    Mac for fun and/or job
    Hello everybody.

    First of all (this is my first post, so I really need to do this at this moment), let me congrat all of you, what a great forum I've found about Mac life.

    Now let's get to bussiness.

    As soon as I get the money (one or two months) I'll get a PB12" not only because it's a mac (my dream since the holly black G3) but also because of the size (a sheet of paper, amazing!) and of course, becaues it has almost everything. I almost barry my two year old Compaq because of it's HDD & Power supply problems, and since this is a 15.2", I've decided this is a too big screen, and now I hate to carry such a big thing.

    So the issue that drives me to this section instead of the "PowerBook" one is the next one:

    At my older job (hopefully my next one wil be kind of similar, but better) I bought my own laptop and IT team let me use it without restrictions (my NAV, my Windows, my firewall, my software, etc.) and also to install every software that I need to get the job done. And yes, I was really happy to have ALL my information (job and personnal) in just one laptop. At this moment I don't know if I'll be allowed to use my own computer for the job, or if restrictions will be bigger and I'll have to use the one they will give me. That stupid dilema breaks my mind at this moment, so, please, give some comments about the next questions:

    1. What do you do when your job uses only Windows stuff?

    I know there's a lot of compatibility and almost everithing is possible, but, do you really do everything you need on your mac? or sometimes you need to go to a PC?

    2. Does Virtual PC hit the point when you need to install Windows only software? Or you prefer just VNC and control PC's from your main mac?

    3. Do you use your mac just for your own stuff and had to work with your office PC? or also try to have all in one case, the mac case?

    Well, at this moment I kill the questions' list.

    Thanks for your anwers. :yinyang:

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    Well, if you have essential software that is really PC only, I'd actually consider going for a Macbook Pro instead:

    You can dual-boot windows xp / OS X on that machine (as it is x86 based) - which might make your job a bit easier.
    Alternatively wait a bit until apple releases smaller notebooks that are intel-based.

    Virtual PC is useable, but on the 12" Powerbook G4 you'll notice quite a bit of lag (i.e. jumpy mouse, delays in opening programs etc.) - not something I'd want to use for 8h a day.

    You could use winXP for your work stuff and still boot into OSX for private stuff on the macbook Pro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jarmandox
    1. What do you do when your job uses only Windows stuff?
    Sit at work on my windows machine, read Mac-Forums, and wish I was at home working on my Mac. :p
    Oh, and, aahh, I'm going to have to go ahead and ask you to come in on Sunday, too...yeah

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