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    Just wondering,,,
    my new ibook is coming tommorow, I was wondering if any of you could suggest any must download apps I should get? I will need some things as the windows equivalent of:

    1)MSN Messenger/Yahoo Messenger
    3)IE (is netscape better? i heard some sites only work on IE)
    4)It will have panther, will it come with iChat installed?
    5)what is X Launch

    anything else which i must try or get, preferably freebies

    Already got Studio MX !!

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    1)MSN Messenger/Yahoo Messenger - Both are avaliable with mac versions, but I'd use a multi messenger if I was you.
    2) Try Bit Torrent....
    3) IE is ok, netscape sux. I'd use Safari your mac will come with it. If not try Mozilla firebird
    4) Yup you'll have Ichatav, lucky dog.

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    is iChatAV only for video, or is it a text messenger also? is it AOL?? does safari work as well as IE?

    i ment IRC chat client not for downloading files

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    ichatav is text also

    yes it runs rendevouz (ichats on chat and aim)

    Safair is better than ie .

    Yes their is an irc.... I think

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