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    Trouble Shooting for my G5
    I have had my G5 for slightly over a year. But, i am sorry to say that i have only switched it on about 5 times...cos i have another G4 where everything is in and am too lazy to switch.

    I admit I know NOTHING about Macs. Or normal computers for that matter.

    Anyway, I wanted to switch the G5 on yesterday to check it still works...And it didn't. I just can't switch it on anymore. It doesn't respond. It can't even boot up. Any ideas as to what is wrong with it?

    I did buy the extended warranty..But i don't have any cards etc to prove this. Will they have a record of this online? How and who do i call for assistance?

    Any advise appreciated. Thanks

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    Did you check and make sure it was plugged in?

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    i dont have no mac's

    a) you should have recieved applecare information within a few days of your purchase
    b) it should just turn on, nothing is wrong with keeping it off for a while (even like a year)
    c) title your post better it might get more views and responses
    d)just call apple to find out about your applecare, you should ahve needed to register it when you got all your stuff

    good luck
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    i dont remember

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    Haha..Yes, i did check the plug. I'm gonna call them today to see what i shld do..sIGH

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