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    Unhappy Problem With Dock
    While relocating my "home" folder to the Dock I dragged it onto the Dock and it disappeared. It's not in the Trash. So, what happened? Can I retreve it? Is there a reverse function that alows me to undo it?


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    Can the Home folder still be found in Finder?

    Try searching for it :p


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    ok i hope you got it

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    All icons in the Dock are just shortcuts.

    So when you add an application/file/folder to the Dock, it merely makes a shortcut of it in the Dock. It does not move the actual app/file/folder.

    I'm guessing this is what you probably did:
    you dragged your Home folder to the Dock (which made a shortcut to your Home folder in the Dock) then removed it by dragging it off.

    Your Home folder shouldn't have been moved or anything.

    It should still be at
    /Users/[name of your account]

    note: The first / represents your main hard drive "Macintosh HD."

    To re-add it, just drag it to the Dock again.

    By the way, you should never move your Home folder, as in actually move it in the Finder.

    Let's just say that would create all sorts of problems.
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