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Thread: Cleaning macs

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    Cleaning macs
    What is the best way to clean laptop screens??? and also the cases of a powerbook and an ibook? Thanks for you help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edwin2213
    What is the best way to clean laptop screens??? and also the cases of a powerbook and an ibook? Thanks for you help.
    For all my LCD/Notebook screens, I prefer "Clean Dr." fluid. Their screen cleaning fluid can be found at CompUSA, and comes with a lint free cloth. I found most of the pull out disposable wipes either smear the screens, or aren't as safe as the could be. "Clean Dr." has no alcohol or ammonia.


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    Good info to know.. any other preferences?

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    For LCD screens, I use small blue Microfiber clothes from Staples. They sell a 2-pack for about five bucks. I put them in ziplock sandwich bags to keep them clean and keep one for my desktop monitor and one for my laptop's screen in the laptop bag.

    For the rest of my computer stuff, I use rubbing alcohol and lint-free cloths. You can pick up good lint-free cloths at Staples as well. This combination cleans computer plastic really well and makes it look brand new.

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    Are these methods good for MBP 15 inch screens?

    Sorry, newbie question I know

    I almost started a new thread but I searched instead and only found this

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    i use a very diluted mix of alcohol and water on a damp microfiber towel to clean the outside of the ibook. To clean the wristpads I use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. From others experience I'd say keep the Magic Eraser off the keys and trackpad, fyi.

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    Whats good to clean the keys?

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    Blue microfiber cloth is execellent for cleaning the screen.
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