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    Dec 22, 2005
    17" iMac G5
    We had an old Gateway at home that was dying, and I work on a PC here at work all day long. I followed the iMacs from G3 on up while looking to replace our home computer. The Gateway kept working (barely) until we replaced it with an iMac G5 w/ iSight in January.

    I wanted a home computer to do home things. Surfing the net and email of course. But I also wanted to get into more digital photos and home videos. The Mac's stability, security and the design of the computer also sold me.
    Oh, and, aahh, I'm going to have to go ahead and ask you to come in on Sunday, too...yeah

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    I've worked with windows for 10 years and started with debian 3 years ago. I bought a discontinued 20" Imac G5 to replace my homebuilt PC. I've outgrown gaming, and now mostly work with music, photos, and home movies. The mac is perfect for this. I use iweb and dot Mac to share my photos and home movies and the family loves being able to see it on the web!!
    I've only had my G5 for three weeks and have never used a Mac before I got this one. I combed this forum for weeks before I bought it to make sure that a Mac would fit my needs. It has been an awesome experience so far. No lock ups, no error messages, nothing but stability. I never turn it off, just let it go to sleep. I could never do that with my old XP box. It would lock up every time.
    And there's also another reason I bought a Mac: They are just so **** nice looking!!!

    Switching from XP to OS X was not scary at all; it was quite refreshing to be able to learn something new besides how to use ctrl+alt+del all the time

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    Feb 23, 2006
    PowerBook G4, 1.5Ghz, 768Mb RAM, 80gb hard drive-imac G4-ipod touch 32Gb 3g-Macbook 2.4ghz, 2BG RAM
    I've been using macs (Power PC 7600) since working at my first recording studio in '99. Since then I bought a second hand Quadra (remember those?)running OS 8, Power PC G3, Ibook G3 and just recently purchased a cool powerbook G4.
    It has been virtually effortless sailing on these machines ever since first using them. Minimal to nil crashes, never had a virus and speedy.
    Never owned a Windows PC, but I use one at the current studio I work at. It always crashes and last week it kicked the bucket. The studio just bought a G5 though:-)
    I'm looking at helping my mum get the new imac for her publishing business.

    Macs rule.

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    May 12, 2005
    Macbook Pro 2.6 GHz, 4 GB, 200 GB, 256MB Vid
    i had both system at home that i would bounce between for doing different things. but after the last crash, i was just few up with the constant tweaking and maintenence i had to do to keep it ship shape. don't get me wrong, i had built me system and it was a killer, but the joy it brought me soon didn't counter the annoyance and frustration enough to continue working and supporting it.

    so the old G4 and the PC components went to go find new homes and i now play around with my new mini as it does everything i want it to do. (except high level gaming, but i knew that when i bought it!)
    From a G4 400MHz to an Intel Mac Mini to iMac Core Duo to a Macbook Pro 2.6GHz.............gotta love Apple!

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    Feb 01, 2006
    I've been a designer for 5 years now, as a profession I use macs, Two days ago my first mac arrived for home... 20" imac intel. Macs since OS X have changed how I view computers. I just want to use them, I don't need to fiddle anymore I want something that works.

    In my profession I am a rare breed, I am a graphic designer and windows 2k network admin... weird indeed however I see the difference
    It was about time I switched... and I am so glad I did.

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    Mar 20, 2006
    MBP 1.83GHz, 1.5GB RAM
    Well, I don't have my Mac yet, but it should be here in a couple weeks... but I can tell you all why I plan to use a Mac...

    I am sick of the routine involved with Windows--constant maintenance, defragging once every other month, crashing, etc. As everyone says, I just want something that works the way an intuitive mind would expect. I want something visually pleasing.

    Most importantly though, I would love to get back into design/web stuff. I used to be pretty hooked on web stuff (I used to own/run/maintain about 8 years ago, which I have since sold to a new owner who threw on an ugly design, and then never touched it again...) which I'd really like to get back into. I would love to put the specifics of my degree to use and start designing some fun software, even if just for personal use (My current job uses Engineering mindsets rather than specifics).

    For all these things, I can't think of a better platform to get back into it. Macs are seemingly optimized for design, and the OS is built on Unix, which is much more programmer friendly if you ask me.

    I can't wait to get started!

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