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    Question Firewire crossover and closing session?
    We were tranferring stuff to one another using firewire the other day... you know, by holding down "T" on startup and getting the blinking yellow FW symbol on the purple screen? Anyways, once we were finished we couldn't figure out how to get off that screen without hitting the power button.

    Ejecting the drive offa the desktop didn't work... and we couldn't find a proper combination of CTRL+ALT+Del or Command+Alt+Eject or whatever the combination is... (does anyone know?)

    Anwyays, how do we finish a firewire session?

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    i think you just hit the power button

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    On the system where the filesystem is mounted. Unmount the filesystem, either by dragging it to the trash can or use the disk utility program. After you have done that, just power the other system off.

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