Well i am back mac! I first had a powerpc back in the day, then we got a gateway, then i got a hp laptop, then i got an ibook 500, then i got another laptop, then i made a ****ty desktop, and finally i am back mac, and hopefully for good! I have owned many powerbooks ect (older ones) and i liked the ibook 500 alot, so i found what i think was a deal, an ibook G3 800 in like mint shape with all orig documentation and box and software, all stock with combo drive and panther. Well i payed $475 shipped, was it a good deal? I have acutally never used the 10x operationg system, and it looks a whole lot better then the previous versions! I cant wait to get it and try it out! I got it mainly becasue my desktop is crapping out and my winbook craped out, so i needed a computer and i think will will suite me until i can get an ibook g4, all i plan to do is schoolwork, a few low resourse games, and some video editing and downloading music and uploading music to my ipod video, and i travel so watching DVD's and burning cds.. Well enough with my rambleing, i cant wait to try out panther! And do you guys and gals think i got a deal (not up to date with mac pricing...)? :mac: