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    decision time
    I have been looking at new laptops for a while now and am ready to go ahead and make a purchase. I am a long-time pc user, but am interested in the thought of a mac. I mostly use my computer for music and movie ripping, digital photos, and web browsing. I really dont want a 17" screen bc they are just too big for me. Can anyone help me decide to get an ibook, powerbook, or macbookpro? The price for these is not an issue, but I don't want to pay lots of extra money for no real reason. Or would you recommend going with another pc? On a sidenote...I would also consider a desktop since I will probably keep the laptop I have now, but the portability is very attractive to me. I appreciate any advice you can send my way.--Jeremy

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    i would get the mac book pro. several reasons:
    it is not 17"
    you would look cool to open up in a wifi spot and get on the internet
    it will meet the demands that you stated
    it has the intel core duo(which in the long run would be better)
    it is replacing the powerbook
    it has better screen resolution than the iBook
    bigger screen than the iBook
    better video card than the iBook.

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    Well if you can manage waiting the new MacBook is rumored to come out in the next few months. Apple has stated that all their computer models will be converted to intel chips by the end of 2006 and I doubt apple will wait until the end of '06 to release the MacBook since the iBook was such a success.

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    I believe that the MacBook will be out before the start of the next school semester.
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    If money was not an issue for me there is no other computer I'd even consider buying than the MacBook Pro.

    Your needs seem well within Mac abilities, just a question on if you want to switch or not. I bet if you do you won't go back :girl:

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    What will the differences be in the macbook and macbookpro? Another reason I am looking now is I get a 10% discount I think as a student, but graduate in May and lose that.

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    jdpfeil, I'm not positive, but the analogy I offer, from my understanding, is this:

    The MacBook is to the MacBook Pro as the iBook is to the PowerBook. Now I may not be right, and someone PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong.

    The only other thing I could think of, is that they're planning to have 3 models in their notebook line. If that'd the case, I'd assume the MacBook would be the middle line. However, I believe that they're sticking w/ two.

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    Macbook Pro is PERFECT for your needs, if you can manage the money. If not, go for the PowerBook, it's a bit cheaper and you're still getting a really good machine (oh wait they don't sell those anymore... check Apple's Refurbished site). So if you're on a tighter budget, go Powerbook.

    But if that's all you're doing, you'll be fine with a MacBook Pro.
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