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Thread: Switcher here!

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    Cool Switcher here!
    Just thought I'd say hi to all...been reading here for a while, but only registered today.

    Bought myself an iBook G4 back in February and have been in love with it ever since. I'm a mature student (and aspiring writer!) and wanted something portable but robust that I could throw into my rucksack.

    I tend to build/customise my own PCs rather than upgrading, but I think that the next upgrade will be to an iMac. I never paid too much attention to all the Mac Vs PC spats before now and really made my purchase decision on cost as I was able to get a student discount.

    I have to say that I love the simplicity and functionality of OS X (as well as the pleasing aesthetics!) and as has been said on countless occasions, it just works - XP is a pain to use by comparison. Only problem now is that on the Windows laptops at the office, I keep trying to scroll with two fingers on the tracking pad!


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    i dont remember

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    Welcome to the forums! If you need anything, post away, and everyone will try and help you!

    Mac Pro (Early 2009) 8 Core 2.26 GHz, 6 GB Ram, 640 GB Drive. Dell 2408WFP.

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    welcome to the forums!

    my apple is bling *tisk tisk, you shouldn't have any bling.. just nice things*

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