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Thread: Alright, question time!

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    Question Alright, question time!
    Howdy all

    Its been about 3 days since I got my macbook, and its already feeling like home. The switch was incredibly easy, within ten minutes of opening the box I was getting my email, browsing around, getting my music transfered, etc. I must say, I am impressed

    Anyway, like anyone, I do have some questions

    1) Videos and the wmv format

    I've read around the forums that there was a download that enabled this to work, Flip4Mac. So I went to their website, downloaded the package (I'm still getting used to the idea of downloading a disk and having the installer inside), but when I go to install it, it says it doesn't support Intel macs. So I guess until they update that, its out of the question. Are they any alternatives to Flip4Mac?

    2) PHP and Java

    For school and work I do some programming, mostly in PHP and Java. For Java I used to use Eclipse, so I went to their site in hopes of a a mac version, and voila, there it was. I downloaded it, copied it to the applications folder, and went to run it. I got the initial splash screen, but then it crashed and said that an error report had been generated (that brings me to another question that I'll ask later on in this post). So my question is, if Eclipse is still the best for doing Java, what special steps do I need to get it to work? If not, whats a good alternative? Also, I do some PHP work, and I know Dreamweaver has the editing capability, but I'm looking for something with debugging capabilities. Suggestions are appreciated.

    3) Hidden Files

    I mentioned that Eclipse had generated an error log, so I went to go find it in hopes that I could maybe figure out what was going on. Unfortunately, the file was something to the extent of /blah/blah/.metadata/.errorlog or something like that. I figure that it was within a hidden folder, and that the file itself was hidden. I looked through the options and preferences, but couldn't find an option to show hidden files.

    4) Dual Displays

    When I'm at home, I like to have my external monitor on as well to place extra windows on (mail, im, etc), or throw up a movie when I'm working or something. The way I have it set up though, I have the external directly above the laptop screen. By default, the screen expands to the side, but is there any way to have it expand up? Also, whenever I run something full screen (such as a game) on the laptop screen, the external screen goes black, anyway to avoid this?

    5) Airport

    Anyone use one? I was looking for a good wireless router, and initially the AirPort kind of turned me off, but, the more I think about it, being able to transmit my music to my living room receiver, and being able to sit on my couch, type something up, and send it to the printer on the other side of the room is getting more and more attractive. The one big question I had about it was, is the audio set up similar to the macbook? In that, is it a stereo to optical jack? I'm just trying to justify the price here.

    6) Games

    When I'm not working or schooling, I find myself gaming, right now mostly in WoW (which runs beautifully I might add), but I'd like to know what else is available. Is there some sort of directory?

    7) Reading

    I know some people would say that publications are a waste of money and anything they say you can find online, but, I enjoy reading magazines, and would like to find one to subscribe to concerning Macs. What would be a good one to look at?

    I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but I'll have to add it as I remember it. Thanks for the input =)

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    There is no option to show hidden files in Finder. To do it, open up Terminal and type:

    sudo defaults write ShowAllFiles TRUE

    Type in your admin password and hit enter. Then type:

    killall Finder

    Now all hidden files will be shown. To reset it just do the same thing except "FALSE".

    Or you could just download a small script called Wizzard. It does the same thing, but with a GUI.

    As far as games go, I play Halo, but there's quite a few options. Check out Mac Game Files for some more gaming ideas.

    I have an Airport Express network in my house. Works beautifully. I print, listen to music, and surf wirelessly with no problems. As far as audio and the MacBook, I have no idea what you're asking.

    To place another screen above the laptop screen, open up System Preferences and click the display button. Now click the "Arrangement" button at the top. Drag and drop to where you want the second display. I don't know about the gaming problem, though, mine doesn't do that when playing Halo.

    There are no Universal Binaries out that play .WMVs (that i know of) at the moment, they will come though.

    Good luck! :mac:
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    1) Videos and the wmv format
    Did you try Windows Windows Media Player for Mac? I am not sure whether it is universal though.

    2) PHP --> I use Zend. There is a free version for educational purpose.

    3) HiddenFiles --> You can either download Cocktail or follow the instructions here .

    6) Games
    Check here .

    7) Reading
    Generally you can find most of what you need on the internet.
    Macworld is a pretty good magazine. Chaeck also Mac Addict, Mac User and MacFormat.

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    Macworld is really good, they always have helpful tips and decent editorials and reviews, nice coverage of what goes on, but there are thousands of websites that you can get more info from.
    Mac Life - Apple Mac computers news, forums and more...

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    okay, lemme attack each question one by one:

    WMV: use VLC media player. It plays anything and everything in between, including VOB files.

    Airport: the macs have an airport extreme card built in, if you need a wireless router, then the Linksys WT54G works beautifully with my iMac Core Duo. If you're looking for a wireless card, sorry can't help ya there.

    Games: I think WoW runs on Intel Macs, look into it. Otherwise, your gaming selection is EXTREMELY limited... if you wanna game use a PC.

    Magazines: macworld is fairly helpful, or so i'm told.

    I hope this helps.
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