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    So what do you use?
    So, what does everyone use for their most basic apps?

    File compression?
    CD/DVD burning?
    MP3 player?
    DVD player?
    Image manipulation?
    Organizing/Viewing pics?
    Word Processing?

    Tell us your config, feel free to add any more categories for apps you feel everyone should have.

    I am curious as to how many combinations there are in the MacWorld...

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    Jun 11, 2003
    Mount Vernon, WA
    MacBook Pro 2.6 GHz Core 2 Duo 4GB RAM OS 10.5.2
    Browser: Firebird and Safari
    File compression: Stuffit, usually tgz
    CD/DVD burning: iTunes
    MP3 player: iPod 30 GB
    DVD player: My TiBook 667
    Web-design: BBEdit, Dreamweaver, phpMyAdmin
    Image manipulation: Photoshop
    Organizing/Viewing pics: iView Media Pro
    Word Processing: Word
    Instant Messenger: Proteus
    FTP: Fetch
    Time Logging: Project Timer Pro
    Password Storage: Safe Place
    Dock Alternative: DragStrip
    Fun Utility: Konfabulator
    PHP GUI: Pashua

    And that's that!

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    Browser: Safari
    File compression: Stuffit
    CD/DVD burning: iTunes
    DVD player: the dvd app - ti pb
    Image manipulation: Photoshop
    Organizing/Viewing pics: iphoto
    Word Processing: textedit
    Instant Messenger: Ichat
    Fun Utility: snes

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