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    About to switch, moving files
    I'm in highschool and plan to go on to be a graphic designer. At home I currently use a PC, but at school we use macs, and I like them so much more. I also have to switch when I go to college, due to the requirements of the college so I get my wish anyway. For when I switch, I have a lot of mp3s, images, and such that I want to move to the mac. I have looked at programs that "make it easy." Isn't it just possible to get a crossover cable and move stuff? How? If not, what program do you recommend? Thanks

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    yea you can just crossover them or put the files onto cd. no programs necessary but just make sure you have the programs on the other end that open up the files.

    what college you going to?

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    Quote Originally Posted by trpnmonkey41
    what college you going to?
    Thanks. I'm going to Bradley Academy for the Visual Arts in York, PA.

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