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    Restore Item - Trash can
    Okay, so I have some items that I didn't mean to put in the trash, but I don't know how to restore them to their original places. Is there such an option?

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    Unless someone else knows another way, only way I have seen is double click the trash can and drag the files in it back to where they came from.

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    That is the only way, there is no option like in windows that says restore all and all the files go back to where they came from. In order to get the files back to where you want them, then you will have to drag the files there out of the trash. Sorry to be the one to bring you this bad news but that is the only way.. unless somebody actually knows of a terminal command or an applicatoin but to my knowalge there is no other way.
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    I find this a rather annoying inconvenience that frankly shouldn't be there. A restore feature is useful on Windows and would be the same on Mac.

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    Depends on what the files or items were? Can you run a few by us, maybe it'll be easy to figure out where they originally came from.....

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