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Thread: Quicken or not

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    Quicken or not
    i've just switched from PC. I've been reasonably happy with Quicken in that world but have read that it's not so good in Macland.

    first, is importing Quicken from PC to Mac really as bad as they say?

    And, is Quicken for Mac a good program, or is there something better? I'm doing basic accounting: check register, tracking payments, downloading online banking transactions. I'm not following stocks or using any Quicken proprietary sites.


    P.S. I'm finishing this year's accounting on my PC laptop, so I'm not stressed about 2005 taxes. I want to plan for the future.

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    I'm new to the Mac with a new Intel Based iMac. I had Quicken 2002 for Windows on my PC. I experimented and did a few test runs, but it's not bad at least it wasn't or me. I exported my data to .QIF files from each accont I had set up. One of the options was to export for Mac or something very obvious like that. Then I ran Quicken 2006 on the Mac for the first time and let it create a blank account (if you don't do that, it won't let you import as there is no place to import to). After that, my data imported with no problems.

    As for operation, there is some features that are different or missing...for example, you can't sort on any field in the register (I loved that feature in windows). But, you can run all sorts of reports so it's pretty easy to compensate for sort problems.

    After using it for the past several weeks I'd just say, it's Different. But then a number of the programs as well as the OS are different...just takes some getting used to.


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    I don't know your needs, but for my cashkeeping, I use Moneydance, it's a very nice app and works on all platforms.

    I don't know about porting your data from pc to mac though.
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    My wife uses this, I'm not into finances ..

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