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    mac newbie question (iWeb)
    My first post here and a mac newbie, so forgive me for such a low level question.
    I just purchased a second mac for myself (bought a PowerBook three months ago, but loved it so much that I couldn't resist the Intel iMac,,, and, yes, I'm a switcher, who's definition of a computer was Windows until three months ago) , and wanted to update my website content that I had created using iWeb on my PowerBook. However, I am not exactly sure how to access the web content that has been uploaded to my .mac account to work on with iWeb on another machine. I have .mac account, know how to access the iDisk, and I can access those files from Finder, but I just don't know how to pull them up on iWeb for updates. If anyone could walk me through on this, I would really appreciate. Thank you very much.

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    AFAIK you can only create entirely new pages in iWeb, there doesn't seem to be a way to update or edit existing ones.

    Kind of weird, but you could just copy your old content into one of the templates and recreate everything from there.

    It's probably easier to manage stuff from iWeb (at least that's why a friend of mine moved his site over)

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    you can edit your existing pages as you save them in iWeb but you have to upload the whole page and content again which is a pain

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    Ah, thanks for the reply. It's kind of inconvenient how you have to recreate everything huh... hmmmm. I guess I have to decide on which computer to use to make websites.

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    When you edit a site, just "publish to a folder" and then copy the new files onto your iDisk and replace the old ones.

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