Right im gonna buy a new display. I have decided on that today!! At the monent Im using a G5 Dual core with a Sony SDM-HS75P(which im happy with).....I got my computer a couple of months ago and was all set up to buy the 20in mac cinema display to go with it......They guy in the shop was like if your not going to be doing high graphic stuff then why not buy a cheaper screen and put the extra money into something else.....good idea i thought...and it was...with the money i saved i was able to buy a pro tools system.....very happy indeed......but ive started to do alot more graphic work within photoshop, dreamweaver and using logic more and more every day......screen size has become an issue.....so, as i said im definalty going to buy another screen.....ever since i got my G5 i cant stop looking at the cinema dispaly i so nearly got!.....I want/need one!!.......in a couple of weeks ill have enough money to get a 20in cinema display.....but a few questions first....

No way i can afford the 23HD screen, thats crazy money, but am i missing out as the 20in screen is not HD ready (future proof etc)?

I know there are rivals and some prob better to the cinema display, but im willing to sacrafice that cause i like the look of them so much, but are there any displays that rival it and include HD at that price range?If i know i cant get HD for less than 550 i wont bother looking around and just buy the 20in.

My biggest nightmare is buying a cinema display and apple bringing out a newer,better model a couple of months later. Whats the chances of this happening?

I want this screen to be an 'investment' and if i get more into graphics will this screen deliver as colour matching etc becomes more of an issue??

Many thanks for any advice, help or replies!!!