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    Greetings all, after fighting the urge over the years I have final seen reason. I now own an iPod (x2), iPad, iPhone and in the very near future a Mac of some description.

    This is where I need advice. I have been building PC's for many years (since mid 80's I think) and have got really fed up with Windows. So, I want a mac, I primarily browse the web, develop web sites and shop online but I want to try my hand at iOS development... for that I need a Mac, but which one?

    My current Windows PC is an i7 (2nd gen) with 12GB RAM 5Tb of storage on-board and 25Tb on the Gigabit NAS (I have a LOT of music & films) I currently use a 28" HD+ TV as a monitor (1980x1200 res). I rarely game (at most I dabble in Wow occasionally) so graphics performance is not high on the agenda. Would a Mac Mini suit or do I need to step up to a 27" iMac (forget Mac pro I can't warrant that sort of cost)?

    I can see the mini has not been updated since 2012 - it is worth hanging on for a new version? Should I buy new or off ebay? what upgrade paths are available across the range?

    Sorry for the blast of questions but i'm curious

    Sage type advice welcome...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bskinner3 View Post
    So, I want a mac, I primarily browse the web, develop web sites and shop online but I want to try my hand at iOS development... for that I need a Mac, but which one?
    I think that any Mac can accomplish these tasks. A new (or a recently used model) Mac-Mini would get the job done.

    A Mac-Mini would also be a low cost way to enter into the Mac computing world. And if (for some reason)…the Mac OS is not for you…your investment would be minimal.

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    This guy doesn't sound like he's sitting on the fence.

    Yes, a Mac-mini would get the job done, but why not ride in style? I'd suggest the 27-inch iMac for a number of reasons, but chiefly because its the machine Apple designs OS X *for*. With the mini (which I'm not knocking, it's a great machine), you get a good taste of Apple's software design, but too little of its genius at hardware. The iMac is the whole enchilada; ingenious cooling, integrated functionality, high-quality screen with far better resolution than your HDTV, Fusion Drive technology and more. About the only thing I'd change is putting one USB port on the front. It remains the best all-in-one computer ever created.

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    I watch movies and develop web applications as well. I bought a used mac mini 'cause I was fed up with windows. I am so glad I did. After 2 years, I bought a mac book pro and love it.I agree with these people. You can't go wrong with any choice. The best $200 spent.

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    My first Mac was an iMac. Good way to start. Then I got my wife a Mini for her business, followed by a MBP for me and one for her. Somewhere we accumulated an Apple TV, two iPads, two iPhones, an iPod and an Airport. It sort of grows on you. Nice thing, it all "just works" together.

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