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    problems with portable hard drive
    I'm sorry if this isn't the right place to post this, wasn't sure if this really counted as newbie help. (I am a newbie though, this is my first Mac!)

    Hey guys.

    I'm having immense problems with getting my Powerbook G4, running Tiger, to recognize my LaCie 80 GB USB-only Porsche design (supposedly the design makes a difference, I don't know why) portable drive. I have seen other threads in this forum with other users who've been having problems with their drives, but I've tried all the solutions and so far nothing has worked.

    LaCie's website has a driver that is supposed to make everything compatible and working, but it does not seem to be installing correctly. When I attempt to install the driver with the drive disconnected, I receive a message saying that nothing that needs updating has been detected. However, with the drive connected, I get no message at all! According to the instructions that come with the driver, I'm supposed to receive a message that says such and such needs updating.

    the drive is configured to work on both Macs and PCs, and up until now has been working perfectly. Also the drive, when connected, makes a clicking noise which I am told is the drive attempting to read itself, but it is unable to. The light on the front also constantly flickers between red and orange, when normally it stays orange.

    It shows up under USB in disk utilities. I am not sure if this is pertinent, because I don't know if this is normal, but its version is listed as being "0.00".

    I have tried both USB ports, with the same results. The problem does not seem to be with the ports themselves, as they accepted other drives and a tablet perfectly. This drive has no Firewire ports, so that isn't an option.

    I'm absolutely at my wits' end here. Can anyone help me out?

    Posted in the peripheral's section too. Sorry for the double post, delete if necessary.

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    it is not within forum rules to double post.. if somebody is truely interested in your topic they will find it. please do not double post.

    I answered your other thread.. here:

    good luck with your system
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    Per above comment - closing thread.
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