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    Odd Memory Recommendation in Apple Store?
    Hi guys,

    bit of an odd RAM related question!

    I recently sold my 2007 iMac to fund a 2008 Macbook for travel purposes. I met the guy selling me the MacBook in the Apple Store while he restored the system and whilst there I enquired about upgrading the standard 2GB of RAM to 4GB. Upgrading the RAM shouldnt be a problem as it's something that I've done on a previous macbook I had BUT...

    Instore the Genius directed me towards the usual 'Crucial' online memory store which, when my machines details are entered (late 2008 13" macbook), reads that I require DDR2 RAM.

    When I enquire via 'about this mac' regarding the factory RAM currently sitting in my machine its states the memory slots accept DDR3 RAM.

    Having done a secondary search on the spec of the laptop it states also that it requires DDR3 rather than DDR2.

    I'm presuming crucial is a reputable company having been recommended by apple and found the 'search by machine and model' very helpful when searching for the ram for my machine. I'm sure i searched correctly as I've re-checked a number of times.

    Any help on this is much appreciated I'm presuming DDR3 is the RAM I need but just wanted to check before I went spending a decent amount of money on RAM that could potentially be no good to me!

    Thanks a lot guys
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    .> About this Mac will tell you what is installed .
    The best way to use Crucial is their scanner do to running changes on certain MacBooks/Pros.

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    There were three MacBook models released in 2008: The first two = White MacBooks use DDR2 modules, the last model which is a unibody Aluminum model uses DDR3 modules.

    That should tell you which to buy. If your 2008 MacBook is White Plastic it uses DDR2, aluminum, it uses DDR3.

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