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Thread: how to enter file path directory

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    how to enter file path directory
    Hi, I am installing a new printer and it is asking for the file path directory or be able to scan documents directly to that file. I do not understand what shod eb listed. So, this is what I entered

    /Users/XXX/Public (XXX = my name)

    Because under my user account (administrator) i have selected the public and shared folder for scans to be sent to. The set up tells me this is an error. Does anyone know what would be the correct setting for this? Is it C://Users/XXX/Public like on a PC? I looked up the properties of the file and it says what i wrote above. Is there something else missing?

    Thank you!

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    Do you need a path to a folder or a file?

    What you have will attempt to write a file named Public in your home directory, and that won't be allowed, depending on permissions set.

    You need to add a concluding forward slash, if it's just the folder, or a slash and a file name:

    /Users/xxx/Public/Filename or /Users/xxx/Public/

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