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    Beach Ball....
    I have the 20" iMac Intel duo and think it's great. Within the last few days however, I have downloaded Mac the Ripper, DVD2on2x and limewire. I got a bunch of songs from limewire last night as well as a few mpeg clips. I noticed since then that I will get the little spinning beach ball for a few seconds,(literally, seconds) when I click on applications or even when I select a song in iTunes. Sometimes have to select the song a second time before it kicks in.

    I did a restart last night after all this to hopefully allow the computer to regroup. I had a PC once that got all screwed up from downloading stuff from Kazaa and napster. i hope this doesn't start with my Mac. I'm trying to be careful what I download.

    Any advice? - Isn't there something in system preferences that needs to occassionally be cleared out? Seems i read that somewhere.

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    The beach ball you are seeing is similar to the sand clock thing in windows. It's just saying, "hey, wait a second." That's all.

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    I get this problem as well sometimes, today it hanged on it for around 3 minutes and this was just to open a folder with 3 files in it! It's been like thisever since I upgraded for 10.4.2 to 10.4.4/5.

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