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Thread: Email Glitch

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    Email Glitch
    My email is periodically coming up with an err message can't send message using server
    then gives me the option of clicking on the correct smtp name boom it then goes through
    if I then click on connection doctor all the settings are checked and come back with green lights.

    Whats strange these email settings work fine on my iPad air plus iPhone - does anyone have any suggestion?

    The other thing I'm trying to get my head around I've made a wired connection to my mac and orange hub if I turn on the wifi does this stop the wired connection and revert to a wifi connection?

    I have a wifi printer and its a real pain in the *** to have to keep turning on the wifi to use printer. I was hoping that once I've made a wired connection I could leave my wifi on so I could use my wifi printer.

    Is there a way to tell me whether I've got a wired connection to my hub or whether its going through wifi?

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    No, your Mac can only connect to one internet connection method at a time. If you're wired, you're wired and your Wi-Fi is on but nobody's home.

    Why not just -- you know -- stay on Wi-Fi?

    As for your email problem, I would bet that if you look deeply into your email settings you'll find that you have more than one SMTP address listed there. Delete the old/bad one and the problem will likely to away.

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    Many thanks for Info - I eventually found how too get into my email account, then into advanced section - I found a couple of bad smtp server names which I deleted, Boom
    success my email is now faultless - what was really strange when I used the doctor tab everything came back green, I guess because it was trying each smtp individually whereas when email was trying to send or received it was using the conflicting smtp address which was ticked.

    Reference the wired link to my hub the reason why I've gone down the wired route is apparently it will increase my internet speed - on the top bar righthand side is their a button that tells me I've got a wired connection - on my windows laptop the female socket has a light that illuminates?

    Many thanks for help

    B and B

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    You're very welcome! Yes, a wired connection will generally be faster than a wireless connection, but the difference is pretty minor -- you can check this for yourself by using by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test to check the speed of your wired versus wi-fi connection. If the difference is really dramatic, you may want to consider getting a newer Wi-Fi router -- today's 802.11n and ac routers can deliver speeds equal to your home wired connection (unless you're on fiber-optic, that is).

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