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    Browser Problems
    I have been using a Mac for about 25 years but I have opted to publish in Switcher Hangout because I don't conside rmyself computer savey.

    I treat my computer like I treat my car; I have no interest in what is under the hood, I just drive it.

    I don't talk computing with people so don't understand the jargon that enthusiast seem to love.

    I chose Mac in the '90s because it was so intuitive to use, "a computer for people who had no interest in how computers work", quite unlike its main competitors.

    Sadly as time has gone on Mac seems to have forgotten its roots and becomes more problematic and counter intuitive to use with every OS release. I often think back to the good days of System 7.

    I currently use Snow Leopard. I tried Lion but hated it, plus it screwed up my scanner and printer, so I reverted.

    I now read and hear about Maverick. Dyed-in-the-wool Mac men since 1985, say its the all time worst thing Mac has ever done, so I shall not be going there till I have to replace my Mac; hopefully things will be resolved by then.

    Its sad to thnk that Mac software was once what Microsoft tried for so many years to emulate but these days Mac are producing software that has taken on all the worst features of Windows. To add to the misery, the good stuff that Mac uniquley used to do, keeps vanishing, a bit more each upgrade.

    If Mac looks and feels like Windows, whats the point of paying the premium?

    Anyhow thats just a general introduction to me and why I still find myself in the lesser ranks of the acomplished.

    My reason for coming on to the Forum is to sound out if other Mac users have the same problems that I have with Fire Fox.
    I use both Safari and Fire Fox.
    About six months back I started to get problems with Fire Fox down looads. When I accepted them they just got hung up, "Connecting to download Server". I tried to get advise from Fire Fox, and received a response that said I should deinstall the programme and install the complete latest version. This I did. So I thought all was well but alas when update notices come in I still have the same problem.

    Today I spent time trying to get some sense out of the Fire Fox site; this gave me a list of previouse related messages, which clearly show that I am not alone with this problem, however the suggested solution is the same as before. So I tried to reply back and say, "I've done that, sadly no joy." Unfortunately I get the message that I can not reply unless I Register.

    So I try to find out how to register, to no avail as the site seems to be a reccuring "Catch 22". When I dig deeper there are others complaining that they too can not work out how to register. I am mystified that there is a Fire Fox Community Support Group but no apparent way of signing up to It.

    So I now know that I am not the only person with these problems, comforting to know its not just my incompitance, but is there any Mac users out there who know how to navigate Fire Fox, to one, solve the download issue, and two, Register to the help site.

    If you reply with advice please recall, I don't follow computer speak at all well and don't know whats under the hood.

    I just hope you are not going to tell me that I need to update my Mac OS.

    My best wishes to you all.

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    Not sure were you read about the negativity but I and a lot of members have had no issues with Mavericks 10.9.2 and unless your computer is to old or you need to run legacy software updating the OS would allow you to take advantage of new options not to mention an improvement in all the other applications.
    I can't speak for Firefox but Safari IMO is better than its been in the past.
    Sometimes we are all guilty of not accepting change but the fast pace at which things are moving forward its inevitable.

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    Browser Problems
    Dear OSXX,

    Thanks for the reply.

    The most resent source of negative feeedback I came upon was on the Apple Mac website which I went to in response to a Mac message offering free downloads of Maverick. By the time I had read all the customer reviews, there was no way i was going to opte for the download even at no cost.
    This ontop of this, three Mac users, I know personally, who have been doing it since 1985, are all equally uninpressed with Maverick.

    Yes sure progress is inevitable. However progress does not necisarilly equate to improvement.

    It would be nice to think that Mac might recall that it made its bones by being prepared to be different to the herd.

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    What kind of downloads in Firefox? Are you trying to update it? You don't need to download an update. Click on Firefox in the menubar and select "About Firefox". It will tell you if it's up to date and if not, will be downloading a newer version in the background.

    If this is something else, give us what file and/or website so we can check it out.

    I've been using Macs since System 6. Mavericks is very stable and a breeze to use (mostly). Don't think I'll go back any time soon.
    Any priest or shaman must be presumed guilty until proved innocent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rotebaron View Post
    By the time I had read all the customer reviews, there was no way i was going to opte for the download even at no cost.
    Statistically speaking...what percent of all users do you think these folks represent?

    Primarily...only folks with problems take the time out of their busy lives to post their negative experiences. The other 99% who are happy with the product...and have busy lives...have no need or motivation to post.

    The membership here at Mac-Forums have pretty much had very few problems with Mavericks. Are there isolated cases where someone had a problem...sure...nothing is 100%. In the cases where a problem was experienced...many times...Mavericks wasn't the was something else.

    Believe me. If many of our members were having problems with Mavericks...we would let folks know.

    - Nick
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    +1 for Mavericks. I had one problem with it, but it was because I installed OVER Mountain Lion and it picked up some .plist that hosed up how TimeMachine worked. When I created a new account and moved my files (not .plists) over, the problem went away. I find Mavericks very stable, very useful and the new memory management is great.

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    Been on the Mac since 86, loving Mavericks and the capabilities we have now compared to back then. Things were "simpler" because back then we thought successfully sending an email and getting a reply back was a BIG DEAL.

    I remember hand-coding a chat tool (in C!) and using it to create a live chat between two campuses of my college (about 30 miles away from each other). We thought this was the greatest thing since the invention of the telephone!

    Anyway, the one thing I don't like about Macs is that when I see what a new one can do, it makes me want to junk my old one -- even though its working perfectly.

    As to your problem -- you say you use Safari as well, but don't mention if you have the same issue there. If not, give FF the heave-ho for a while and use Safari instead. Problem solved.

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