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    Top 5 Apps
    I'll be getting my iMac next week and was curious if I should add some apps to lessen the learning curve? One thing I don't want is information overload. Thanks for your continued support.

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    I don't think there are any Apps that will really lessen the learning curve.

    There are plenty of tutorials pinned at the top of 'Switcher Hangout' that you may want to read which will give you a start.

    The learning curve varies from person to person. I didn't have much trouble switching from a Windows machine to Apple. The thing to do is stop thinking Windows. You will find the transition a lot better.

    Also there are video tutorials on the Apple website that will give you an insight to many of their programs. HTH.
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    From one of the pinned tutorials:

    "Use Apple's default apps at first, until you find a good reason to seek an alternative."

    Using Apple's apps will teach you how to use the Mac generally, since the apps were written by the same teams that wrote the OS. Most third-party apps follow Apple convention, but not always. So I recommend that FIRST, get to know your Mac and its default apps. THEN, later, when you know what you're doing, you can more accurately assess your needs and get alternative/substitute apps if you find you need to.

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    This won't lessen the learning curve, but I recommmend the app ONYX for periodic maintenance. Run it in Automation mode maybe once a month or less. Be sure to get the correct version for your OS. Avoid MacKeeper and CleanMyMac apps.

    Time Machine is a built-in Mac OS app. I strongly advise you to get an EHD and set that up from the start. It is easy...just plug in the EHD, format it, and Time Machine will do the rest.

    I do not recommend you installing any anitvirus software...unless it is required by a company or institution of higher learning.

    Let go of any Windows mentality and enjoy your Mac!

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    EHD in the above post means "external hard drive."

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