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    Sep 02, 2012
    email address book
    After an HD crash and replacement I lost, among other things, my contacts list. I found a duplicate in iCloud. How do I transfer the iCloud list to my address book?

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    Sep 02, 2012
    Yes, I believe so. My name is in the upper right hand corner.

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    Sep 02, 2012
    I tried to drag and drop an address out of iCloud into an email but couldn't

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    You can import the contacts from iCloud but you have to do it a bit differently. Do the following:
    1. Export the contacts you want from iCloud to a vCard file by following the directions here. Save the file somewhere convenient like the Desktop.
    2. Now that you have the vCard file do one of the following:

    Drag the vCard file to Contacts.
    Choose File > Import, then select the vCard file.
    Double-click the vCard file.

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    Use the vCard method given by Slydude as it's an easy way to import your contacts from either iCloud or another phone - even a dumb phone that can export them. I just recently used that method to import 42 contacts from a dumb phone to an iPhone.

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