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Thread: deleting files from open office

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    deleting files from open office
    How do you delete files from open office?

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    You don't. Files created with OpenOffice are deleted like any other.
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    You may be used to using the Windows version of Open Office. In Windows you can delete files from the files dialog within Open Office. That is, you can go to File/Open and right click on a displayed file and pick Delete. That is not available on the Mac.

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    There are a few options for deleting files. From the Finder Window, with the file highlighted, you can:
    1.Drag the file to the Trash
    2.Click the Delete icon (circle with slash) in the window's tool bar [if it's not there, you can fix that]
    3.Right click and select Move to Trash from the contextual menu
    3.Click File > Move to Trash from the menu bar

    I just tried using the Delete key on my keyboard, and that didn't work. You could probably use Terminal as well, but that's not a "quick and simple" method.

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