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    Talking How many switched in the last year?
    Hi All. I just wanted to know how many of you switched in the last year and why?

    Was it because you had an iPod and saw the Macs in stores?

    Was it because a friend persuaded you?

    Was it because you always wanted one but until the Mac Mini came out they were too expensive?

    So spill the beans and lets here your stories of when and why you switched.

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    Still in the process of switching, I ordered a mac mini today (1.42ghz, 1gb, 80gb). I'm switching because I keep having problems with my Windows machine and I don't really like using my Linux machine as everything is such an effort to do on it.

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    I switched well......yesterday?
    I recieved delivery of my new 20" iMac Core Duo yesterday and I fell in love with it the moment I pulled it out of it's box
    Everything I thought a Mac would be better at, it is....
    And ok, after around 10 years of Windows, I'll have to get used to some things.
    But the funny thing is, after 24hrs, I've done so much on this machine, as in, I know how to do so much.
    Automater is amazing

    I also have a 14" 1.33ghz iBook

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    Jan 18, 2006
    G4 Cube
    I switched (partially, at least) this past December simply because I thought the G4 Cube was cool. I didn't know much about OS X but I picked up "The Missing Manual" by Pogue for Tiger and have been steadily working my way through it. I upgraded my Cube to make it more usable (more ram, faster hard drive, wireless card, etc.) and my wife decided she liked OS X more than Windows, so I ordered an iMac Core Duo for her birthday this month. I'd like to pick up a Mac Mini someday for work as well.

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    Dec 22, 2005
    17" iMac G5
    I switched December 2005. I don't have an iPod, no one persuaded me, money wasn't a huge factor.

    I just wanted a Mac. I like the styling and the iLife suite of programs seemed designed for exactly what I wanted to do with a home computer.

    Love it.
    Oh, and, aahh, I'm going to have to go ahead and ask you to come in on Sunday, too...yeah

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    I'm not sure if I should consider myself a switcher, per se, but I definitely find OS X to be far superior to Windoze. In August I sold off most everything I own and moved to Moscow to study for a year (my desktop PC had died a few months earlier, alas) and, since I had always wanted one and was very curious about OSX, I decided to go ahead and buy an iBook.

    It's never let me down and I'm quite pleased I went through the hassle of upgrading to Tiger even after I'd been in Russia awhile. When I get home I definitely want to put together a new Windoze box for gaming, but I'll likely pick up a 20" Intel iMac as well. Hopefully by the end of August they'll have 10.4.6 out which will have fixed most of the bugs.

    I've been a PC user since 1990, but I have plenty of fond memories on Apple IIs and Mac Classics (I think - the B&W ones) from that era as well (our school system was entirely Apple at the time). I even got an Apple IIGS as a Christmas present in 1989. Nothing, however, and I do mean nothing can compare to OSX. What a piece of work. :mac:

    **EDIT: I switched in May 2005.

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    Jan 04, 2006
    ibook G4, 1.5gb RAM, 40gb HDD
    I switched in December 2005 because my dell laptop was dying and I needed a new computer. I saw ibooks were on sale for $800 with free stuff (mighty mouse, printer, etc.), so I jumped on it. I really dig it. The only I missed was a proper word processor, but once I got word I was set. iLife is awesome too. I'm about to buy iLife 06, too. I can't believe i'm doing it, but I am.

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    Jan 02, 2006
    Ibook G4 12in 1gig RAM + 24in Imac 2.16 2.5 gig RAM Leopard
    i switched in late 2005 because my toshiba laptop was driving me crazy. i was looking for a pleasant computer experience when using my laptop. I found that whan i switched to mac. no more worrying about viruses and spywar etc. . Also its much cleaner freezind and the like. The only downside is that there arent any ea sports games on the mac exept for tiger woods which odesnt intrest me.

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    Aug 02, 2005
    2.6GHz Core i7 15" MacBook Pro - 8GB DDR3 SDRAM - 750GB 7200 RPM HDD - GeForce 650M GT 1GB VRAM
    I bought this PowerBook in August 2005. A friend of mine kind of got the idea in my head by recommending it since among the people I know, he probably knows the most about computers. So that inspired me to go check out information about Macs online and go hands-on in the Apple Store and whenever I saw a friend of mine had one. By the summer, I had really gotten to like the Mac OS and decided a powerBook would be the ideal laptop for me. My original plan was to get the 15-inch PowerBook but my dad surprised me by insisting that I get the 17-inch and fronting the money, so that I wouldn't have to strain my eyes on a small screen. I can't thank him enough for that now because this laptop is probably my favorite worldly possession, and since I'm using it as my primary (and only) computer, the extra beefiness of the 17-inch model and the large screen are much appreciated. I remember the first few months were amazingly fun because I was learning the new OS, and I've gotten quite good at doing stuff with it. So I now have extensive knowledge of Windows and a large amount about OS X. While I don't plan on buying a Windows computer ever unless I decide I need gaming, I still like to keep up-to-date with the Windows world and will make sure to learn Vista as well as I did its predecessors.

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    Feb 09, 2005
    MacBook Pro 13" | MacBook Pro 13" | Mac Mini 2GHz C2D
    i bought my iBook a year and a couple of days ago. i had been stalking the mac store and comp usa apple rep for months before trying to get info on iBooks. i knew that i didnt want another windows machine. i needed a change and decided to go with the iBook.

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    Sep 30, 2004
    I'll never switch...

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    I just made the switch this month...been thinking about it for awhile, but finally found a **** of a deal on a powerbook that I couldn't resist any longer, so now here I am..a Mac user

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    Switched in the last year,see specs.Wanted to do work on my computer and not work ON my computer to make it work .Got tired of constant reboots,freezes,crashes and BSOD's.Last used Macs back in the day,Mac Classic,but tried a friend's iBook 1.2 OS X 10.4.2 and was hooked from that point on. Hoping that Apple doesn't become a consumer electronic's company and maintains a focus on personal computing..It's all about the OS....

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    Jun 09, 2005
    My world
    iBook 12" G4, 30 GB, 768 MB RAM. iPod 5G 30GB.
    i believed i switched May 31st.. the reason i switched was because of OS 9, i was facinated by the way it was. how completely different it was from windows. how things were always new wherever i looked. so i decided to save up for a laptop because i thought i would need it for school (which i did). I looked for a windows laptop originally then.. somehow.. i guess i looked at the apple site. and the only laptop a 14 year old could afford was the iBook. I saved up the whole summer working at my dads shoppe. I had my credit card in my hand ready to buy but my dad offered to buy it using his card and i paid him the money, so i agreed. 1 week later, it was here.

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    Mac Pro 8x3.0ghz 12gb ram 8800GT , MBP 2.16 2GB Ram 17 inch.
    Quote Originally Posted by mynameis
    I'll never switch...
    good attitude.. the world will never switch..
    and I will not completely switch until everybody in the world (or atleast most peopls switch) I bought my powerbook december of 04 and I love, it bought my powermac december of 05 but I still have my windows system incase I need it.. although have not turned it on in a while, I find myself using windows outside of my house all the time (where it be working at school, or fixing a friends computer)
    I will never switch either...
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    I love my hosting company!
    I was on the M-F honor roll for Febuary:2006

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