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    Nov 18, 2013
    Macbook Air and iLok
    Another day, another question. I am running a new Macbook Air and recently bought an M-Audio audio interface for recording. It came with Protools Express, which requires an iLOK USB to work. There's a whole process to work through to download the software and register the iLok. I worked my way through the process, but must have missed a step somewhere. I have yet to see a screen that prompts me for my authorization code for the ProTools Express and subsequently I cant get this thing going. Does anyone have any experience with the iLok? Any suggestions would be appreciated..

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    Nov 18, 2013
    So, I have since found the way to the activation page, but ran into a new snag. The iLOK activation page accepts numbers only, and my authorization code has letters and numbers in it. Could there be a difference between an "authorization" code and an "activation" code? That is the only code that came with the product.

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    Give the company a phone call on Monday? Couldn't hurt, I'll wager they've gotten this question before ...

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    Perhaps you should also consider Logic Pro X (299 USD only!). It is a bargain! It supports 64 bit plugins only and there is no trouble installing it.

    I have loaded mine with a bunch of instruments/plugins: (most importantly: Toontrack EZkeys -Grand Piano/Grand Electric/Upright- , Studio Devil plugins, Guitar Rig Pro 5.1, Vox Amplifiers Plugin, Mathew Lane DrMS 4.0 plugin, Nomad Factory plugins, Plugin Alliance (all plugins), Soundtoys plugins etc etc).

    All these plugins I use are also available in Protools by the way and are highly recommendable!

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